Heather Rae

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/heather.rae.1610/

Heather Rae has been booked throughout New England at Café's, Churches, Schools and many senior homes. She's been featured on Christian Media Spotlight over a dozen times, along with Night of Hope, Hope For Worcester, Jesus Daily, and SoulFest home sessions, Red's Room, Jesus Fest, Gates of Hope, and she was invited to sing for Soulfest.
I am a Christian with two released albums, [ESCAPE] released in 2020, with twelve original songs, all inspired by God and a second album released in 2021. I recently had the huge honor of working with Olivia Lane "The Women At The Well" who co-wrote a song with me.
I sing for Seniors, Cafe's, Churches, Outreach, Festivals, and more... I love to bring joy through music. My sweet spot is Jazz. I've been called the Tiara Girl, and the WOO Girl. I Love It!!!
Heather Rae is also the Host of Interruption Hug with Heather Rae, a TV show that brings an interruption hug from above into your day.

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