John Polce

Website:  http://www.johnpolce.com

In 1974, after several years as a successful secular artist, John experienced a series of life-changing events that would transform his career, family, and ultimately his heart.  Since then, he has traveled across America and abroad to bring his songs and his story wherever he is invited.  In this "era of evangelism" it is John's hope that the young and the old, the rich and the poor will discover for themselves, perhaps for the first time, the tender mercy of the God who made us all. 

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2023-10-14  1:26:12  John Polce

2023-06-10  1:11:13  John Polce

2022-12-10  1:23:59  John Polce

2022-07-23  1:23:59  John Polce

2022-03-12  1:28:36  John Polce

2021-09-18  1:32:32  John Polce

2021-03-20  1:13:57  John Polce

2020-10-31  0:51:00  John Polce - Part 1

2020-10-31  0:03:18  John Polce - Part 2

2020-07-25  1:36:41  John Polce


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