Patti Dahl of Heartsong

Websites:  https://www.heartsongsingersforchrist.com/

It's been over two decades of anointed song, preaching and the flow of word of knowledge and word of wisdom that have kept Patti Dahl's passion spiked over the years. The fire has never burned out! 

Patti desires to see people transform spiritually, emotionally and physically by the love and power of the Holy Spirit. That all believers would be equipped to bring a full manifestation from heaven to earth. 

Her music is of exhortation with the purpose to lead the loss or backsliding into the truth of Jesus Christ.  

With Patti presenting over 14 CD projects to date, she has managed to breakthrough into the gospel music genre! Heartsong was signed in 2011 with Priddis Music/Prosound.  

She currently holds the position of Elder for the State of Connecticut for the Gospel Ministerial Alliance out of Brady, Texas. Ms. Dahl has joyfully ordained several pastors over the years, excited to see them walk in the fullness of their destiny! Her slogan for her ministry is: An Upbeat Ministry For A Beat Up World! 

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2022-04-02  1:10:50  Patti Dahl of Heartsong

2021-12-11  1:23:48  Patti Dahl of Heartsong

2015-03-21  0:00:46  Patti Dahl of Heartsong


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