Right Hand Shade

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For six years, New England-based pop/rock band Right Hand Shade (RHS) has leaned full-throttle into their God-given gifts, performing on stages across the Northeast and watching many dreams become realities: Recording with award-winning producers, receiving national radio airplay with multiple singles, appearing at high-profile festivals alongside national industry acts, and signing with TMA Media Group and Fuse Ministries. But the fulfillment of these dreams and RHS’ rise as one of the fastest-growing Christian acts in the Northeast has also come with its share of losses and soul-searching questions. 

​Like so many other artists, the pandemic brought unforeseen challenges for RHS. First there was the loss of live shows, and with it the funding for their second studio album. Then one of the band’s beloved summer camps closed its doors for good. Next Emma, the band’s only female member, stepped back from the lineup due to health concerns.  By this time, Matt's young Daughter and Son had both been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. 

“But when we’re in those valleys of uncertainty, God has an amazing way of meeting us there and teaching us to trust. It was in that valley as I was praying for my children that God reminded me: I may not know why my kids have to face something like diabetes, but I do know the One who created them and who loves them more than I could ever comprehend. You see we serve a God of hope. We serve a God who keeps His promises. He’s the same yesterday, today, and will be tomorrow. No matter WHAT we’re facing, He does NOT make mistakes. Ever. And if He has the power to bring dead things back to life, then He’s got my children right in the palm of His hand. He loves them even more than I could.” - Matt

What seems to unite RHS fans most is the band’s willingness to present their songs while at the same time laying their souls bare with authenticity. THE BEST IS YET TO COME! 

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2021-11-20  1:04:00  Right Hand Shade - Part 1

2021-11-20  0:03:04  Right Hand Shade - Part 2

2021-09-11  2:00:11  Right Hand Shade - Adam Agee

2021-05-15  1:15:07  Right Hand Shade

2020-10-17  1:07:46  Right Hand Shade

2020-02-29  2:08:51  Right Hand Shade


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